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American Storage is a safe, self-storage facility, secured with video surveillance. Our mini storage rental units come in a variety of sizes to fit every storage need. We also have wide aisles and ground level units. Serving Helena, East Helena, Winston, Townsend and Montana City.




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View our affordable, clean, secure storage units, all located on a monitored site.

Why Choose American Storage?


  • Will meet or beat the prices of any comparable facility
  • Competitive monthly and yearly rates
  • Open 24/7
  • 560 dry, clean units
  • Military discounts available
  • Assorted sizes for all your needs
  • Security cameras
  • Chain link fencing
  • Security gates - key pad controlled
  • Outside lights
  • Paved and easy access (off HWY 12)
  • Your lock and your key

Taking Safety Into Your Own Hands

Even after you’ve chosen a secure storage facility, you still can take steps to make sure your belongings are safe.

If you have a few high-value items among your stored possessions, American Storage recommends placing those valuables in the back of your unit. Doing so can protect your most important belongings from what is referred to as a “crash and grab” theft. In this type of burglary, thieves break into several units and quickly seize whatever looks like it holds the most value. Because these burglaries often happen so quickly–usually in a matter of minutes–crooks will be less likely to snatch important items if you’ve made them more difficult to grab.

Many storage facilities also let you choose your own lock for your unit’s door. Take the time to choose a lock that will hold up against bolt cutters. You should avoid buying a lock with a long shackle, which is the loop that passes through or around the object you’re locking. Instead, American Storage recommends purchasing a disc lock or a cylinder lock, both of which are difficult to cut.

Onsite security

To help prevent theft, we have a gate, fence and camera system. We also employ a security firm to randomly monitor the facility. But you can help too!  Please do not allow anyone to follow you in through the front gate.  If someone does, please contact management at 406-431-0941 immediately.

If you see anything suspicious occurring at the storage facility,  contact management or Lewis and Clark County Sheriff.  Thank you.

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American Storage
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